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Welcome to the ETIS platform. Start your application by clicking on the button corresponding to your travel itinerary.
(No ETIS application is required to depart
from French Polynesia)
(Only for unvaccinated travelers or those whose vaccination schedule does not comply and vaccinated travelers coming from a country classified as an orange zone or red zone) 2. ETIS application (For all travelers)

By clicking on the link bellow you leave the ETIS platform to be redirected to the High Commissioner website in French Polynesia. www.polynesie-francaise.pref.gouv.fr. The formalities related to the compelling motive are presented to you via this information notice. You will have to fill the form that match your situation. Please, note that the data collected on this plateform are not managed by ETIS service. We only share the link in order to help you in your administrative procedures.

Access to information

By clicking on the button below, you leave the ETIS platform and go to the website of the High Commission of the Republic of French Polynesia.

Access to information
Vaccinated people traveling to mainland france are not subject to the declaration of compelling motives and to ETIS declaration.
Non vaccinated people traveling to mainland france are not subject to the declaration of compelling motives and to ETIS declaration.

Stages of my application

  • Traveler status
  • Personal information
  • Health registration
  • Itinerary in Polynesia
  • Data verification
  • Compliance to sanitary rules

Welcome to the ETIS platform

Electronic Travel Information System
As part of the fight against Covid-19, health entry and surveillance measures are in force (Order No. 525/CM of 13 May 2020 as amended). All travelers by air arriving in French Polynesia must be able to show, at any control, the registration certificate on the Polynesian platform "Electronic Travel Information System" or ETIS.

The certificate is only available on the www.etis.pf website.

This document is mandatory for all travelers to French Polynesia, residents or non-residents, regardless of the age of the traveler. It must be showed at the airline check-in counter.

This formality is mandatory for all travelers who are outside French Polynesia, even for a short stay.

Minor children travelling alone: the parent, or legal representative, are required to make a request on his/her behalf before seizing the child's data and specifying that the child will travel alone. The receipt will be issued to the child's name.

Careful: This formality is in addition to foreigners entry conditions into French Polynesia.

Your ETIS receipt will be scan when you'll arrive in Tahiti Faa'a Airport. After that, you won't be able to reuse it. A system have been settle in order to ensure the single use of the QR-code shared in your ETIT receipt. If you are going to exit French Polynesia, you will have to make a new application for your next arrival.


In accordance with Order 525/CM of 13 May 2020 on measures for the entry and health surveillance of arrivals in French Polynesia as part of the fight against covid19, you are required to pay a flat-rate contribution to the health surveillance costs

Amount of the flat-rate contribution to the costs of health surveillance:

  • Vaccinated persons aged from 12 years and over: 5,000 F XPF
  • Unvaccinated people: 12,000 F XPF
  • Minors aged from 6 to 11 years inclusive accompanying their parent(s) or legal representative whose vaccination scheme is complete: 5,000 F XPF
  • Vaccinated persons coming from a country classified as a red zone : 12 000 F XPF


You can request a refund of your health surveillance costs contribution in the following cases:

  • Trip cancellation.
  • Trip postponement for more than three months after the issuance of the registration certificate on the ETIS platform.

For this, you must:

  • Make a request to [email protected] or by postmail (Service du Tourisme BP 4527- 98713 Papeete TAHITI , Polynésie-Française);
  • Attach your paid invoice (you can download it from "manage my file");
  • Attach proof of cancellation or trip postponement;
  • Attach an international bank identity statement (bank account number) of the account on which the refund will be made.
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