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Quarantine Application
Complete your quarantine application before fill out your ETIS application
Your application must be filled out within 3 days before your flight

Stages of my application

  • Traveler status
  • Personal information
  • Health registration
  • Itinerary in French Polynesia
  • Data verification
  • Compliance to sanitary rules

Welcome to the ETIS platform

Electronic Travel Information System

The government of French Polynesia requires the creation of a health registration form for any traveler arriving to French Polynesia by air. This formality is added to the existing entry conditions for foreigners in Polynesian territory.. This formality has been in force since July 12, 2020 ((DECREE no. 1689/CM of octobre 28th, 2020)) for an indefinite period.

The health form is only available at www.etis.pf . It is mandatory for all resident and non-resident travelers and must be presented at airline check-in before boarding the plane to Polynesia.

ETIS is a free service platform.

Who must apply ?

All travelers, residents, non-residents and minors are subject to this reporting obligation.

What are the stages to
follow ?
  • Perform an RT-PCR molecular test for SARS-CoV-2 (for any traveler over 11 years old) within 3 days before boarding and be declared negative.
  • Show the test results to the airline serving French Polynesia.
  • Complete the quarantine application and the online health registration form at www.etis.pf/en.
  • Accept the sanitary conditions in force.
What do I need for this application ?
  • A negative SARS-CoV-2 RT-PCR test.
  • A travel itinerary.
  • A valid email address to send your ETIS receipt.
  • A passenger contact point in case of emergency, phone and email.
  • Travel insurance for anyone who is not French. If your insurance does not cover the costs in the event of a pandemic, you agree to assume all health costs incurred in French Polynesia, including in the event of infection with COVID-19. The ETIS form is proof of this.