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The "www.etis.pf" site is managed by the Service du Tourisme of French Polynesia. Immeuble PAOFAI Entée D – 1et 2° étages - Boulevard POMARE BP 4527 - 98713 Papeete Tahiti French Polynesia Phone: (+689) 40 47 62 00 Fax: (+689) 40 47 62 02 email : sdt@tourisme.gov.pf Mr. Bruno JORDAN, head of the Department of Tourism in French Polynesia.


#Prox-i, communication agency specialized in the creation of websites in Tahiti, mobile applications and digital communication consultancy. This agency is responsible for the development, integration and dissemination of the "www.etis.pf" site.
BP 2866 Papeete - 98713
3ème étage Centre Vaima, Bureau 85


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