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The personal data collected on the ETIS platform are processed for the implementation of health surveillance of all travellers aged from six years or older arriving in French Polynesia by air.

This process was created by Order No. 1753 CM of 25 August 2021 for the application of protection measures against the spread of covid-19, as set out in Order No. 525 CM of 13 May 2020 as amended.

This process management is ensured by the Tourism Department in conjunction with the Health Department, French Polynesia administrations, for the execution of a public interest mission of public health protection.

The data to be completed on the platform are mandatory for all travellers. If the online form is not completed, the application request cannot be processed.

Data processed:

The data collected include the traveller's identification, contact details, travel itinerary, contact person if necessary, platform log in data, bank and billing details and, if applicable, student status.

Those informations allow the authorities to organise the tests distribution on arrival of flights, as well as their follow-up, and to contact travellers rapidly if health care related to Covid-19 is necessary. It also makes it possible to determine the flat-rate contribution amount to the health surveillance costs provided for by Order No. 525 CM of 13 May 2020.

Sensitive data processed:

Information on vaccinal status (yes/no) and "traveller returning from medical evacuation" is also processed, to the exclusion of any other health-related information. The sole purpose of this information is to determine the amount of the health surveillance costs contribution or the exemption that a traveller may receive. Only ETIS case agents have access to those informations.

 Data recipients:

1° The data are intended for :

  • Authorised agents from the Tourism Department to identify travellers and ensure that their ETIS formality is fill out and submit, to answer their questions and ensure payment of their fixed contribution to the cost of health surveillance (if they are not exempt);

2° Are recipients of certain data of their respective responsibilities:

  • The authorized health personnel of the health department, to contact you in case that your test is positive, to inform the "contact subjects at risk" and to implement the necessary sanitary measures;
  • The ILM medical and administrative staff, authorized to require you to carry out the Covid-19 test(s) planned in the sanitary surveillance and to contact you in case of positive test(s);
  • The administrative staff of the Ministry in charge of tourism are authorized to contact you if you are not a resident and your test is positive in order to assist you in the implementation of the sanitary measures if necessary.

The ETIS platform also allows a QR code creation on the application receipt. The QR code contains the ETIS number, consisting of a letter and nine random digits. The Institut Louis Malardé (ILM) uses this QR code to pair the ETIS number with the self-sampling kit numbers given to travelers upon arrival. This pairing allows the laboratory to distribute and follow the kit circuit (transmission of the kit to the travelers and return to the ILM). Access to thoses informations are limited to authorized ILM staff.

Data storage period:

These data are stored for a maximum of 90 days and then deleted. Anonymized data are stored for the establishment of statistics on the travelers flow entering French Polynesia by air.

Subcontracting :

The platform is developed and maintained by the company provider Prox-i. It is hosted by the company OUTSCALE.

Exercising your rights:

You have the right to access, rectify, limit, oppose for reasons related to your particular situation and, under certain conditions, the right to the data erasure, which you may exercise by contacting the Tourism Department BP 4527 98713 Papeete - [email protected] - 40-47-62-00. You may contact the Data Protection Officer BP 4574 - 98713 Papeete [email protected] You may also submit a complaint with the competent supervisory authority in France (Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés) - www.cnil.fr